Location Date Transport Notes
Phu Gradung National Park 11 January, 2011 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Bus from Chiang Khan, via Loei, dropped me at the main road intersection. Started walking the 3km to Ban Phu Gradung but a friendly local came and picked me up on a motorcycle. From there, a motorcycle taxi (50 baht) took me up to the national park itself, another 8km away (50 baht).
Chiang Khan 09 January, 2011 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. The bus company said it would be 10 hours, but it was 12... most of the trip pretty boring, but there is some attractive scenery on the way up near Loei (see Phu Gradung).
Bangkok 02 January, 2011 Car (Private)
Hua Hin 31 December, 2010 Car (Private)
Bangkok 28 December, 2010 Car (Private)
Khao Yai National Park 26 December, 2010 Car (Private)
Bangkok 24 December, 2010 Flight
Melbourne 18 December, 2010 Car (Private) Followed the rest of the Great Ocean Road along to Port Campbell and then headed back to Melbourne via the inland route. Great scenery @ the 12 Apostles, but crazy crowds.
Apollo Bay 17 December, 2010 Car (Private) Nice drive down the Great Ocean Road; the locals rave about it, but it's not that hot compared to the NZ scenery :) Still, good fun. Stopped for lunch in Lorne, good hamburgers and tolerable coffee.
Melbourne 16 January, 2010 Car (Private) Stopped for a picnic and to wander around in Airey's Inlet, then took the Great Ocean Road almost to Torquay, before heading inland around Geelong and back up to Melbourne.
Lorne 16 January, 2010 Car (Private) Hired a car and headed down. First part of the trip, as far as Gee`long`, is pretty boring highway stuff, but thereafter it's pretty good. Took the inland route, then over the Ottways to Lorne.
Melbourne 31 December, 2009 Flight
Christchurch 29 December, 2009 Car (Private)
Cheviot 29 December, 2009 Car (Private) Headed up to do some work on Kate's grave.
Christchurch 23 December, 2009 Car (Private)
Blenheim 21 December, 2009 Car (Private) Long drive, stopping off for food, coffee etc. en route. Nice views, the road through the Hundalees has been improved so much...
Christchurch 17 December, 2009 Flight Air NZ, not too bad. Food is edible (and it's nice to eat, I'm so used to budget flights now...) and in flight entertainment has definitely improved on trans-Tasman flights since I last flew with them.
Melbourne 23 September, 2009 Flight Cheap flight, no in flight entertainment. Bus from the airport is a staggering AU$16.
Christchurch 21 September, 2009 Car (Private) Visited Olmec up in the Leader valley before heading back to pick up Leif from Port Robinson and heading in to town.
Cheviot 20 September, 2009 Car (Private) Nice trip, a bit of sightseeing done out at the Hurunui river mouth before heading in to Leif's place.
Christchurch 25 August, 2009 Flight Short flight, bad weather so not much scenery en route.
Wellington 21 August, 2009 Car (Private) Long trip in the early morning, departing Raetihi very early in the AM, with no sleep beforehand. Stopped at Waikenai and caught the train in from there, as Toby was falling asleep at the wheel.
Raetihi 08 August, 2009 Car (Private)
Auckland 05 August, 2009 Flight Nice flight, good views over the southern alps. Air NZ lets you choose your seat for free if you book online, so make sure you get window seats on the left of the plane, behind or in front of the wing, for this flight.
Christchurch 02 August, 2009 Car (Private)
Methven 01 August, 2009 Car (Private)
Christchurch 28 July, 2009 Flight Short flight, great views coming in over the south island - clouds on the west coast, but good views after that. Customs were slow!
Melbourne 28 July, 2009 Flight Cheap flight on VirginBlue. No problems taking large laptop bags :)
Denpasar 27 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Taxi to the airport, bluebird, on meter, price includes 3000 for airport entry + a small tip. Also, took the long (but faster) way, instead of going via jl legian, which would be cheaper (but slower, due to traffic).
Kuta 26 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Perama; overpriced and slow, but convenient.
Kuta 26 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Perama; overpriced and slow, but convenient.
Sanur 25 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Perama - overpriced, but easy. Drop off near the port, which is a fair walk from cheap accommodation.
Ubud 24 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Price slightly too high; should be 50,000 for a shuttle. Bemos are cheaper, but you need to know where they go.
Kuta 23 July, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Taxi taken from outside the airport (turn right at the terminal exit and keep going) and with a meter.
Denpasar 23 July, 2009 Flight
Kuala Lumpur 23 July, 2009 Flight
Bangkok 17 July, 2009 Car (Private) Typical Thai trip, greatly extended in length by many food stops :)
Ubon Ratchatani 15 July, 2009 Car (Private)
Bangkok 13 July, 2009 Car (Private)
Khao Yai National Park 11 July, 2009 Car (Private) Stopped to eat at Dairy home and to buy "curry puffs" near the corner to Muang Lek.
Bangkok 06 July, 2009 Car (Private)
Hua Hin 05 July, 2009 Car (Private)
Bangkok 04 July, 2009 Car (Private)
Pataya 04 July, 2009 Car (Private) Came to visit a friend of June's for a couple of hours.
Bangkok 24 June, 2009 Flight Smaller plane on the Amman to Doha leg, with limited in flight entertainment. Food not too bad though. Bigger plane with individual in flight movies on demand and whatnot on the Doha to Bangkok leg. Flight seemed short after the long trips we've done on buses recently!
Amman 22 June, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Uneventful but hot. Shared taxi to the border, then a bus from one terminal to another, then a bus to town.
Jerusalem 19 June, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Amman -> Irbid -> Public bus / 1.6 JD Irbid -> Border -> Public bus / 1.3 JD Border -> Afula -> Taxi / 170 ILS Afula -> another place -> Taxi / 50 ILS Another place -> Jerusalem -> Public bus / 36 ILS
Irbid 18 June, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Short trip up, before transitting onwards. Arrived at the southern bus terminal and caught a minibus (200 fils) to the western bus station, where we caught onwards transport to the Jordan River (aka Sheik Hussein) border crossing.
Amman 11 June, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Shared taxi. Somewhat cramped, slow border crossing, but faster than a bus and the same price.
Damascus 09 June, 2009 Public Bus, Minivan, Truck etc. Unexciting trip. Shorter than expected.