Location Date Transport Notes
Lima A good central location overlooking Parqué Kennedy, friendly and helpful staff and cheap prices make this a good option, although the shared bathrooms leave a fair bit to be desired in terms of cleanliness. Breakfast is in a restaurant just up the road, and it's basic but better than you normally get for a free breakfast.
Vang Vieng My mother thinks there should be more photos with me in them; I personally know well enough what I look like and am more interested in shots that don't have me in them ;) However, I've grabbed a few shots that Peter has taken and added them to the collections from Bangkok and Vang Vieng - Mum, and anyone else, you can check them out there!
Cairo The centre of down town activity, you'll probably pass through here many times. Most of the budget hotels and restaurants are in this area, as well as attractions such as the Cairo Museum. The metro has several nearby stops, mainly at the massive Sadat intersection just down the road.
Uyuni Old trains gently rust away out here. You can walk, but biking will be a lot quicker, and most salt flat tours go past here on the way which is much easier.
Mandi Right, with the surges of energy resulting from my slow but sure recovery of health, coupled with the added bonus of actually consuming (horrible) meat last night and following it up with (oh so delicious) meat tonight as well, I've managed to both post an update and add photos simultaneously. We're working without a zoom here, but check them out and see what you think anyway. Thanks for those who hit a few adverts for me; we've managed to scrape together the funds for a memory card anyway ;) Hopefully my insurance will be a little more forthcoming than they were on my last claim... Being up in the hills really is, as always, a huge relief. Uninterrupted vistas of green sooth the eyes and mind, while a pleasant breeze, lower humidity and vastly reduced temperature help my body recover. We are rushing through though, as my visa expires in... six days... so there are certain time constraints. I think I may have mentioned the excessive checks at the border here before (no less than six people checked my passport on one border crossing), I'm sure it won't sneak past unnoticed if I'm overstaying.
Barcelona The food market here is probably over hyped by the guidebooks; there are far better elsewhere. However that's not to say that it isn't good, because it is. Get in and check out all of the take away stuff, but the kiosks selling ready to eat food are also delicious, although not terribly cheap either. We ate at the Kiosko Universal and it was great, a feast of squid, razor clams (new to me) and mixed mushrooms. Tasty.
Guanajuato A somewhat disturbing display of desiccated corpses, put in crypts in Guanajuato and dried out by the arid air. Most information is presented in both Spanish and English, which is useful, but there's not much information available really (e.g. explanation of the normal burial process, how and why the mummification takes place, why they're putting these poor people on display...). It's interesting for a short time, but the novelty quickly wears off without any additional thought put into the exhibit. There is an additional exhibit, containing holograms and other bits and pieces of tacky trash, don't bother going.