Ranong is located at the top of the Thai portion of the Andaman coast. Mainly used as a stopover for people doing visa runs into Burma, there isn't a hell of a lot to do here, but the food, internet and drinks are very cheap.

Things to do: There are hot springs to the east of town, some public and some spa style things set up, where they've tapped the springs and built saunas, jacuzzis and so on. Not a bad place to go with all the rain going on at the moment.

There are national parks within striking distance if the weather is good; it isn't, so I'm not hiking, but the jungle and hills look wicked from the road.

I'm told the mangrove forest somewhere nearby have a good board walkway as well, so I'll check that out and update this.

Places to stay: Accomodation here is pretty cheap all over the show here, I'm staying at the Bangsan TV Bar, which has rooms upstairs for 100 baht, or 160 baht if you want a window.

Places to eat: Food here is pretty cheap, but not that flash anywhere I've eaten yet. Go almost anywhere and you'll get mediocre service and normally small portions, but the price is right :)

Beer and drinks also seem to be cheap as here, and there are quite a few small bars around if you're keen for a drink. Check out Sanook (main drag, near Bangsan TV Bar, across the road from the Woodhouse Guesthouse) with Jon, the Brazillian/Swiss guy. Sophon's Hideaway, Aussie owned and Thai run serves great food, good beer and free pool. A good crowd of ex-pats hangs around both locations most nights.


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