Capital of Western Australia, filled with rolling hills and surrounded by great beaches. Which probably teem with snakes and sharks, respectively, because it is Australia after all.

As for things to do, well, now that I'm a working stiff, I don't do a hell of a lot myself. I would suggest a few of the following, mostly suited to the lazy.

  • Subiaco and Leederville both have quite a lot of cafes. Most, unfortunately, can't make a decent coffee to save themselves and you'll have to pick it up from the counter. Boukla, on Rockeby road, Subiaco, is a pleasant exception to both of those problems.
  • Fremantle, a.k.a. Freo, has even more. Catch a train out there or get on your bike.
  • Speaking of bikes, they have a pretty good network of cycle paths here, so biking is safe and easy. The locals seem to have been coddled a little, and complain when they have to actually go on a road, but it's all good fun.
  • Head out to the beach, any of them. Cottesloe and Scarborough (also known as Scabs) tend to be more crowded, while City Beach is a little quieter, although it has a tendency towards dumping waves. All feature clear, warm water and beautiful white sand.
  • While the website doesn't say much, Kiri Japanese is reasonably priced and delicious Japanese food with great service (both of which are somewhat rare in Perth).
  • If you're here for the long term, or even long enough that you want to make your own food in your hostel, then you should know a couple of essential facts. First, Perth supermarkets are crap. They have daft laws which restrict opening hours as well. Second, all is not lost. Kakulis Brothers, on William Street and The Restore, in Leederville and Northbridge, both offer delicious and reasonably priced food.


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