Still Alive

You probably thought I was dead in some sort of bomb blast by now :D Thankfully this is not the case, although we caught a ride in a vehicle with six cops the other day, which was probably pushing our luck; they seem to be favoured targets these days.

In order to increase our bomb blast safety we went up into the Naltar Valley (photos available in the newly-tinkered-with photo secti...

The Indian Novella

Make sure you've got a good cuppa with you or something; this one's a long one.

Back in Pakistan once again, and I see that I have been miserly with my updates; short and few, they seem to be. In my defence, I've had a low level sickness in operation almost since entering India, with surges to a much higher level later on, falling back to a mid level malaise that plagues me even now...

Finally, Photos!

Right, with the surges of energy resulting from my slow but sure recovery of health, coupled with the added bonus of actually consuming (horrible) meat last night and following it up with (oh so delicious) meat tonight as well, I've managed to both post an update and add photos simultaneously. We're working without a zoom here, but check them out and see what you think anyway.


A Sickly Story

A short update, as I'm running low on battery power. I'll summarise, and may get around to updating later.

My Indian travel is sadly limited by time, due to stupid visas that are valid from issue rather than entry, contrary to what I was told when it was issued. This is a shame, because finding the good spots in India will take a lot of work, I suspect; that is to...

Not So Bad

Delhi dash successful. After initially managing to miss Melia at the airport, we managed to track each other down so now I have company for the next few months, all things going well.

Delhi isn't as dirty and unpleasant as expected. It's something of a relief, in a strange way, to be in a country as heavily touristed as India. English is spoken all over the place (although my very ...