Final Words

So, the trip comes to an end in just a few more days. The last leg begins anyway, a 20 hour trip back to NZ via Melbourne. That's one thing that's changed; before this all began, that would have seemed like a hell of a long time. While it's hardly a walk in the park, it doesn't seem quite so bad now. I'd rather do an overnight on a plane than a bus heading down the dodgy roads from China into Laos, or heading down from Gilgit to Rawalpindi on the Karakorum highway. At least, in terms of comfort I would. The views win hands down on the other two there :)

Settled In

So I'm back in Bangkok again, and this time is the last time for a long time. I fly out on Thursday night and arrive Friday night (NZ time), and I'm staying put until then.

To keep me entertained, I've added new photos for you. One of my favourite places here, Koh Payam, is featured. Although the weather didn't really turn out it's best for me (it's near Ranong, the wettest city in Thailand), it was still a great place to relax.

New Photos!

OK, I've been slipping them up there for a while... Check out the most recently updated locations in the photo section. Old photos appear first, and most of these places I've been before, so head towards the end to see the newer ones. I'll fix that up soon, but for now, you'll have to suffer. I've very little time to spare, what with lazing around on the beach all day...


At Last

OK, booking is now confirmed. I will arrive in NZ (Christchurch direct) on Friday 9 November, 11:05 pm, flying Jetstar. The price is still shite, but it seems to be the best I can do...

So start planning parties, dinners etc!


100ccs of Fun

At only 100ccs, twice as powerfull as the old "nifty fifty" as we call them back home, you wouldn't think the dinky scooters they have here would be that much fun. But we just completed a roughly 600km cruise around the Bolaven Plateau here in southern Laos, and they handled well.

After failing to convince Melia that riding the little beasts was a simple matter, Wayne and I set out east from Pakse towards Paksong. We stopped riefly to visit a waterfall, which we could glimpse every so often through the thick clouds, the first of many waterfalls (and clouds) we were to see. Further down the road we had our first encounter with the insanely suicidal impulses of Lao chickens, when one threw itself in front of me (missing) and then managed to double back and get itself under Wayne's wheels.