Work and Play

If you haven't had the news passed back through some kind of six-degrees-of-separation network, I am back in the real world with a full time job, after the last two years of travel. I've been taken on for contract work at a hospital here in Perth, doing some BA and development work for some of their internal projects. Interesting that my uncle came over here years ago to work in hospitals too...

Chocolate at Easter

It's been a while since I've noticed an Easter go by. Normally, of course, it's a four day weekend, not a common occurrence. I almost feel cheated by the fact that I get no extra holiday this year. I suppose the last two I've had nothing extra as well - in Thailand for 2006 and Iran for 2007 - but that doesn't leave me much room to complain now, does it...


A small request for advice from you out there. I need a good one night/two day hike within easy striking distance of Christchurch, one that isn't too hard going. I'm trying to tempt friends (you know who you are) into coming and don't want to break them...

Slower Pace of Life

Two months, nearly, since my last update. It doesn't feel like that long... the pace of life back in Christchurch is slower, I guess, than that I've been living.

And truth be told, I haven't been up to all that much. You can spot in the travel section that I've got out and about a little, with a couple of trips to Welly, out to Raetihi and some hiking on Mount Somers last weekend. Actually, I have been sneaking photos up on the sly - check them out. The ">Mount Somers photos are the best, but it could just be that I prefer the country to the cities :)