Back On the Road

On The Road is coming back to life! After the last year of being not-so-on-the-road, the next trip is now about to begin. The break has been well worth it, with some time back in NZ catching up with family and a lot of time here in Perth wiping out the student loan and stockpiling funds for future travel.


Two events on the go at the moment, and one just been.

  • The NZ Election date has been announced. Time to figure out what's what back in NZ politics it seems. I can't seem to find anything that doesn't mention Winston's donations though...
  • The US Presidential Election rolls on, an amusing show for the whole world really. Once again, if the world had a vote then it'd be no contest. Once again, far right religious whackjobs may carry the day for the Republicans.
  • And recently, the WA State Election has just been. And the political advertising here was so low that it almost makes the US politics look clean and above belt. Almost.

Plans and Google

First up, it would appear that someone's Bebo page now outranks me in the search results for my own name. Now, Liam O'Boyle isn't the most common name in the world (except, perhaps, in certain parts), so I almost expected to have a monopoly on that top search result. I could take most things, but Bebo?

The inner workings of the Google search algorithm are reasonably obscure, deliberately so, but one thing is clear. If you make a link on your site to this one, with my name as the link text (e.g. Liam O'Boyle) then it may help. Reclaim the name!

The Loan Is Dead

The objective of my move to Perth was to have the loan paid off by the end of the year at worst; however, things have gone well and the loan is now paid off (well, the money has been transferred; who knows how long it takes for the IRD to actually realise this - it takes them two weeks to reply to an email). Now I am free of all debt. Free of all assets as well, but it feels like a nice cl...

Good Things Take Time

Well, it's been a very long time since I had an update here. An email snuck out last month some time, but I'd just slapped up a few more photos, so this time I'll flesh things out with some more detail.

First up, I'd like to indulge in the typical small talk of the Commonwealth and cover the weather. I'm really glad (in all ways but one) that I'm in Perth for the winter and not back in New Zealand. From the way people wrap up here, you'd think it was cold, but here we are in the middle of July and this week we're forecast to have more days over 20 than below it. Don't worry, if I'm still here in December, you'll be able to laugh at me as the tables turn...