X Air and 48 May

X Air weekend! Sun, sound and crazy bastards flying through the air in ways that sane folk shouldn't. I've taken heaps of photos, but want to go take some more, so I've just put up some for my little sis, Gabby. Check out some ">48 May action here. And there's also a short video clip of them available for ya Gabs :)

Beaches, Barbecues and Bikes

Man, I love summer. Beaches and barbecues all weekend, managed to get away without sunburn (somehow; there was something of an underdeployment of sunscreen) and generally lazed around. Buying shiny reflective aviators is proving to be the best move of the summer so far :) Bike is in for repairs, so hopefully get back out there later this week. With any luck, that will be the last of it, ...

Conan's 21st

Got Conan's 21st photos up last night, forgot to mention it here. If you've got any more, feel free to send them my way; Conan was involved in photo warfare with me for a while, so I'm sure he's got me in a few somewhere. Good to see you all there and great fun meeting some of Conan's mates!


Wicked Welly Music

Update: I just looked at my site in Internet Explorer. The photo pages are shafted, why did nobody tell me this? Man, that's ugly! Anyhow, download and install Firefox, there's a link at the bottom of the page, and it'll look the way it's meant to, until I find a way to work around IE's useless, craptastic CSS handling.

Update: OK, temporary hack fix in place - people using IE...