Perhaps I'm bad luck for a country? Pakistan had the Lal Masjid confrontation and the resulting fallout while we were there, now Egypt has been bombed again. We were in the Khan al-Khalili area around a week ago, in fact. I'm just slipping out an update to let you know that June and I are alive and well, safely out of Cairo.

Across the Sinai

The trip from Jordan to Cairo, Egypt, is not a simple as one might suppose. In theory, it's a short ferry trip, followed by a long bus trip. The reality, in our case, is that it's a really, really long ferry trip, followed by several days of lazing around beside the Gulf of Aqaba, followed by a long bus trip.

The ferry ride is crazy expensive for a one hour trip, at US$70 one way making the three hour trip over the Cook Straight on the Interislander ferries look like damn good value. That price is for the fast ferry, however, and that's the one we booked... but not the one we got. Turns out that bad weather (a little wind) was preventing the fast one from going, so the slow ferry it was for us. After some confusion and haggling, in which we established that no refund could be given (as we'd booked in town, not at the port), we were bumped to first class (which doesn't mean much, trust me), and also, given that we're "married", given a cabin, which is much more useful.

Still Alive

Evening all you fine folks back home and around the world, just dropping in a quick update to assure you that I'm still alive. I'm sure of it, my legs still ache from climbing up and down ">Petra for the last couple of days, and they wouldn't hurt if I was dead...

Petra was great, but tiring. Perth was too damn flat, I'm not used to climbing up things any more. Awesome views, architecture and history anyway.

Prior to that - ">Amman is not, as they say, anything to write home about (but it's so easy to write these days, I'm doing so anyway). Some interesting spots nonetheless.

Visa Runs

I went through one of the grand traditions of Thailand tourism the other day, the "Visa Run". Thailand grants citizens of basically anywhere a 30 day visa free period, which can be renewed simply by walking out of the country into wone of their neighbours (i.e. Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia), then turning around and walking back in again. As Cambodia is the closest to Bangkok, I jumped a 6am (urk) bus heading out that way, arriving in the nearest town, Aranya Prathet, then hopped on a motorcycle taxi to the market clustered around the border itself.

Lazy Beginnings

Ah, on the road again and straight to the best stuff - late night flights and sleep deprivation. We flew out at 1.45am from Perth, heading to Kuala Lumpur on the very cheap but also very uncomfortable Air Asia.