So we're reliving the ">pain that I went through several years ago, attempting to drag visas from the hands of the Consulate here in ">Erzurum. Currently we know that our visa has been approved, but that somehow some documentation has not been faxed from Istanbul to Erzurum. We call Istanbul and they say they've sent it. We call Erzurum and they say they haven't received it. We call back to Istanbul, they tell us that they'll send it again. We call Erzurum again... Guess what they say?

Mandatory Panoramas

No real news folks, but we're back in Cappadocia, which really requires panoramic photos in order to show off the weird landscape. It frustrated me last time that it seemed impossible to really come to grips with the landscape using my camera. I'm not really better at the photography part, but now I can use my laptop to stitch some more effective shots together; check them out below.

It's Good to be Australian

I logged into my internet banking the other day and discovered, to my surprise, that the Australian Tax Office had just given me AU$900. I feared some sort of trap, but apparently they're just giving away money these days. As it's part of a stimulus package, intended to boost the Australian economy, should I feel guilty when I spend the money on beer in Istanbul?

Panoramic Update

Hanging out by the sea in Dahab, I realised that I've barely posted news of my travels at all on this trip. Perhaps it was because I was largely travelling alone last time, so I felt a manic impulse to communicate with the outside world. Perhaps I'm more jaded and less excited this time around. I'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, I'll try to seize upon the moments when the urge to write comes upon me and get something down in future.

This post I've got something a little different for you all. I've been pasting together panoramic photos, which convey the overall impression of a place better in some cases. Sometimes a single image captures everything with the small details, and sometimes you need a bigger shot to capture the overall awesome affect. Check out these panoramas below, and look beneath there for further updates on what we've been up to.

Goddamn Visas

First up - there are a pile new new photos added to Aswan and to Luxor. If you don't want to read my moaning about visas and sickness then you can probably just jump straight there and check them out.