Settled In

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So I'm back in Bangkok again, and this time is the last time for a long time. I fly out on Thursday night and arrive Friday night (NZ time), and I'm staying put until then.

To keep me entertained, I've added new photos for you. One of my favourite places here, Koh Payam, is featured. Although the weather didn't really turn out it's best for me (it's near Ranong, the wettest city in Thailand), it was still a great place to relax.

Haven't been up to a hell of a lot otherwise, aside from the standard self abuse that is long distance bus travel. They went and relocated the southern bus terminal on me, which made things a little confusing when I arrived after 19 hours bus travel at 2am... Then the taxi driver tried to pull something... the meter was ticking over very, very quickly... I made a few noises and the meter was quickly reset and functioning normally. Hmmm.

I also decided to explore one of the classic (if trivial) scams. My tuk-tuk driver and I agreed to a super cheap price to get me to the train station, but I had to stop to stop in at a travel agent he knows. He gets hooked up with 5 litres of gas for bringing me, and they (if possible) sell me some tickets at crazy prices. Sure enough, tickets were more than double normal price, and they told me all other bus and train tickets were sold out. Classic. I headed straight to the train station after and picked up tickets for the next train leaving... The driver was so stoked that he stopped and bought me a drink on the way there :)

See you all soon!