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OK, long time no update. Mainly due to delayed work on upgrading my site and moving it to a new server, which is now more or less complete. Please have a look around this site (the old one is still at until I'm satisfied that things are working correctly here) and let me know of any issues. It hasn't been tested in anything except for Firefox, so those of you using IE or Safari let me know how you go.

Now to keep you all up to date with how things are going here in Melbourne. To be brief, we now have an apartment, although no furniture (aside from an inflatable bed, hooray). June is currently out at Ikea ordering various things. We looked elsewhere, but Ikea does seem to have the best stuff at a tolerable price, and without a car (or friends with cars) it's difficult for us to pick things up... so Ikea it is, for now.

Finding a place to live in Melbourne has become much easier over the last year, or so I'm told. That doesn't mean that it's easy by any stretch of the imagination, however. Unlike NZ, where (last time I rented something anyway) you can just say "OK, I'll take it" after viewing a place, here you need to submit applications with character references and evidence of income and/or savings, ideally with references from past landlords as well! You'll normally be competing with various other people who also want the place. Definitely a sellers' market although, as mentioned, apparently it was much worse a year ago.

Job wise, we've been pretty slack so far. I flicked off a few CVs on Seek and had a few enquiries back, which are currently being followed up; I'll post when there's more news.

We've been much to tied up with house hunting and whatnot to actually get out and enjoy ourselves so far, but it does seem like there's a lot on offer. Purely on the eating front Melbourne is looking very good, with more eateries per square metre than almost anywhere else I've been, ever. Coffee is decent and often cheaper than in NZ (where coffee is becoming a very overpriced product). Haven't managed to find anywhere that does good bulk supplies of coffee at a reasonable price yet, but I'm sure it's out there...

For those that haven't heard, June and I are definitely back in NZ for Christmas this year. Flights are booked to Christchurch on the 17th of December, returning on the 31st. Most of that time will be in Christchurch, although we will also be heading up to Wellington briefly to celebrate some friends getting married.