Bolivian Border

So we finally dragged ourselves away from Cusco in order to head to Bolivia. We'd had a good run there, highlights being heading out to Machu Picchu (of course), staying at Yello River with Andy, Tati and Maya on the way there, winning the Pub Quiz at The Real McCoy (and sharing the bottle of wine we won with Sally, the fine owner and head chef), drinking countless coffees at Jack's Cafe and adding a bit more to our Spanish at Amauta Spanish School. All in all, a good, relaxing time, but all good things must come to an end...

Getting up to Speed

Well, we left Australia on the 24th of December, so we've already been underway for five months and the site has only just been updated. There are photos up for the whole trip so far and you can see where we've been, but I'll run through a few of the highlights to bring everyone up to speed before hopefully resuming more regular updates to let you know what we're up to.

Our New Home

Not so much going on here in Melbourne, aside from BBQs and picnics, but there are some new shots to add from Blenheim, Lorne, Christchurch and Melbourne. You can see them all on the recent photos page.

That aside, here are a few more panoramas from recent times. Remember to check out the full size ones, the previews are tiny compared to the real thing.

A Few New Shots

It's much later than I should be up, having work in the morning, but there are a few new shots up in the Melbourne section. There'll be more details coming in that area soon :) I've thrown up a couple of extra panoramas from my last visit to NZ as well, check them out.

In Progress

OK, long time no update. Mainly due to delayed work on upgrading my site and moving it to a new server, which is now more or less complete. Please have a look around this site (the old one is still at until I'm satisfied that things are working correctly here) and let me know of any issues. It hasn't been tested in anything except for Firefox, so those of you using IE or Safari let me know how you go.