Khao San Road (Thanon Khao San)

Possibly containing more backpackers per square meter than any other area on Earth, Khao San Road is the center of backpacker life in Bangkok, Thailand and possibly the world. This is both good and bad; it's a great place to meet other travellers, pick up sometimes cheap goods (including nifty fake ISIC cards...), get western food and sleep quite cheap (prices are still as low as 150 baht for a single room). On the down side, prices are often high for most of the goods on sale, there are more white faces than Thai, and the cost of beer is sometimes more than it is back home... well, maybe not that much, but anyhow. Soi Ram Butri, off the north western end of Khao San Road, is a somewhat quieter location, with sit down hawker stalls and more trees. My preferred places to stay are all down here. Fake ID cards of all sorts are available; the general price offered is 200 baht, but we ended up with ours for 150.