June 2009

Dude, Where's My Passport?

From my last update back in Yazd, it's all been something of a rush. After bolting back to Tabriz on another overnight bus we were once again stuck cooling our heels near the Iran/Turkey border. This time the culprit was the Turks; for some reason the Consulate in Aleppo can issue visas on the same day for Thais, but the Embassy in Tehran takes an uncertain period of time somewhere between two or three weeks...

Luckily we had Farhad and Sohrab to keep an eye on us and keep us entertained and informed in Tabriz. Farhad had helped us out getting into Tabriz from the border when we first entered, and he and Sohrab made sure that we got the most out of Tabriz.

Syrian Transit

Our time in Syria was brief; we had only a few objectives in our trip. First, and most important, was to restore our caffeine levels, which had fallen dangerously low during our time in Iran. The Syrian coffee quickly resolved this problem, so we moved onto the next target, visiting Apamea and some of the "dead cities" around Aleppo.

A Grand Entrance

Once again the tedious process of visa acquisition has been accomplished and we've made it through to Jerusalem; the process has been far from simple, but may well be worth it in the end. Read below for more of the somewhat torturous details.