May 2009

Mandatory Panoramas

No real news folks, but we're back in Cappadocia, which really requires panoramic photos in order to show off the weird landscape. It frustrated me last time that it seemed impossible to really come to grips with the landscape using my camera. I'm not really better at the photography part, but now I can use my laptop to stitch some more effective shots together; check them out below.


So we're reliving the ">pain that I went through several years ago, attempting to drag visas from the hands of the Consulate here in ">Erzurum. Currently we know that our visa has been approved, but that somehow some documentation has not been faxed from Istanbul to Erzurum. We call Istanbul and they say they've sent it. We call Erzurum and they say they haven't received it. We call back to Istanbul, they tell us that they'll send it again. We call Erzurum again... Guess what they say?

Desert Update

After all the visa hassles, it was satisfying to finally see the visa in my passport (this time with a photo included - Iranian visas are going upmarket!). We bolted straight for the bus station, only to find that the 15:30 bus was cancelled for the day. We were redirected to a bus to Agri, about three quarters of the way to Dogubayazit and the Iranian border, where we hoped to get a bus the rest of the way.